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Ordering Process

Was my order successful?

Order confirmation

After we have received your order, you will receive an automated order confirmation, where all the information concerning your order will be listed once again. Please make sure to also check your spam folder, since automated mails as such can often be found there.

No order confirmation received

If you have not received an order confirmation from us and no debit has taken place for the selected payment method, your order has not been recorded properly. In such cases, please contact our customer service ([email protected]).


I have received an error message, but the amount was deducted anyway. Has my order still been received?

If you have not received an order confirmation from us, then we have not received your order properly. Please check your spam folder, often the order confirmation can land there as well.

Refund of the already deducted amount

With some payment methods, it may happen that the purchase amount is deducted or earmarked ahead of time without an order having been received. In such cases, the corresponding purchase amount will be automatically refunded by our payment partner within 10 business days. We ask for your understanding that we cannot speed up this procedure, as this is an automated process. Please place a new order to ensure you receive your jewelry.

How can I add guest orders to my customer account?

Provided, the same mail address was used, you can add a guest order to your customer account. To do this, log in to your customer account. Under "orders", the guest order can be added by specifying the relevant order number.

How can I make a payment?

Payment is possible by credit card (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal, PayPal Express, Amazon Pay or a voucher. For orders from Austria and Germany we also offer the payment options via immediate transfer or direct debit (Klarna). We ask for your understanding that a purchase on account is not possible.

Can my order be wrapped as a gift?

In the checkout, you have the option of selecting gift packaging for individual items. The selected pieces of jewelry will then be packed in our N1 cardboard boxes and/or in colorful gift bags. We ask for your understanding that the type of gift packaging cannot be selected.

Is there an invoice in the package?

You will receive the invoice by e-mail only. The package itself only contains a delivery note, which does not carry any prices. We ask for your understanding that this delivery note must be sent along with the package for legal reasons.



How long does shipment take and how much are the shipping costs?

Our packages usually leave our Graz premises within 24 hours (on weekdays). The delivery takes roughly 2-5 business days. However, we ask for your understanding that we have no influence over the actual delivery time, considering this is in the hands of our shipping partner. If there is high frequency, there also may be delays (especially in November/December). Express shipping is not possible.

Shipping Costs

  • Austria: € 4,90, free shipping over € 75* (Österreichische Post)
  • Germany: € 5,90, free shipping over € 75* (Österreichische Post, delivery through DHL)
  • USA: € 14,90, free shipping over € 150* (DHL Express)
  • all other countries: € 9,90, free shipping over € 100* (DHL Express)

*If the retained value of the goods falls below the minimum order value for a free delivery due to a return, the usual shipping costs will be retained.

How can I keep track of my order?

After we have handed over your shipment to our shipping partner, you will receive a shipping confirmation including a tracking link, which you can use to track your package. Please note that it may take several hours for all data to be synchronized by the shipping partner. If the status of your package does not change for several days, please contact our customer service ([email protected])

What does it mean if it says my shipment is “electronically announced“?

If a shipment is "electronically announced", then it has already been properly recorded and is currently on its way to the first distribution center. This is also where the first scan by the shipping partner takes place there and where the shipping status is being updated.
If the status of your package does not change for several days, please contact our customer service ([email protected]).

I have not received my order, what should I do?

If you have not received your order within 2-5 business days, please check the tracking link. Often it may be that your package has been deposited at a pick-up station.

However, if the status of your shipment has not updated for several days, our customer service ([email protected]) can initiate an investigation with the shipping partner for you.

Investigation with the shipping partner

During an investigation, the entire situation of your shipment will be reviewed again, but unfortunately, experience shows that these processes can take some time. As soon as we have a final result, we will inform you immediately about your options and any further procedures.

If your package is classified as a loss, we will of course refund the full purchase amount to your original payment method. Unfortunately, reshipping the order is not possible due to system technical reasons, so we ask you to place your order again.

Will my order be delivered to any address?

We deliver within the European Union (except for selected regions in Greece, Portugal and Spain) and to the USA. We ask for your understanding that a delivery to Switzerland is not possible.

Is my package insured?

All shipments sent by NEW ONE are generally insured against theft and accident damages. This insurance cover expires as soon as you have obtained your package or it has been handed over by a drop-off permit or as part of a contactless delivery.

My package arrived in a damaged condition, what happens next?

Damage in transit – damaged cardboard box and content

If your package arrived in a damaged condition, this damage must be reported to the shipping partner immediately. For this purpose, please resort to one of our stores with the entire order (including outer cardboard box, individual packages as well as content) along with the invoice that was sent to you by mail. The damage will then be recorded on site and the package returned to us. We will take care of all further steps for you.

ATTENTION: In order to be eligible for a compensation, a declaration of damages must be made to the shipping partner within 7 days.

Damage to individual pieces of jewelry

If the shipping box and jewelry packages are fine, but only individual pieces of jewelry are damaged, please contact our customer service including pictures and the order number ([email protected]). We will inform you about the further procedure by mail.




What do I have to consider when making a return?

An order can be returned within 30 days from the date of order. The jewelry must be in faultless and unworn condition for a return to be eligible. This means we can only accept a return if the security seal* has not been removed from the goods. We ask for your understanding that goods that do not meet the return conditions will be send back to you.

* Provided, the design allows it, our jewelry is security sealed prior to shipment. This is not applicable to hoops, open rings and ear cuffs.


I do not have a customer account, how do I receive my return documents?

To return a guest order, log in to the returns portal with your order number and mail address. After that, the necessary documents are available to download directly.

Can I return jewelry that is damaged?

Damaged jewelry does not comply with our return policy. Therefore, in case of a complaint, we ask you to contact our customer service ([email protected]) as soon as possible including pictures and the order number. We will inform you about the further procedure by mail.

How can I cancel my purchase?

You have the option to cancel your purchase within 30 days from the date of order without providing any reason.

In order to cancel your purchase, the following requirements must be met:

  • The return takes place within the return period
  • Jewelry must be in a faultless and unworn condition
  • Jewelry must be with an intact security seal (if applicable)*

If this is not the case, please understand that we cannot make a refund and the jewelry will be returned to you.

If you have any reason to complain or claim your order, please contact our customer service including the order number and pictures of the jewelry pieces ([email protected]).

* Provided, the design allows it, our jewelry is security sealed prior to shipment. This is not applicable to hoops, open rings and ear cuffs.


Vouchers & Discount Codes

Where can I redeem my coupon/discount code?


You can buy and redeem your NEW ONE voucher in all of our stores, as well as in our online store.

Please note that for an on-site purchase, the entire voucher card of e-gift card must be presented for the voucher to be redeemed. If, however, only one code is presented, we ask for your understanding that the voucher cannot be redeemed.


A discount is only redeemable once and exclusively in our online store as the last step of your order under “apply discount code“.

For how long is my voucher valid?

Our vouchers can be redeemed for an unlimited period of time. In case of loss, we ask for your understanding that we cannot offer a replacement.

How do I pay with my voucher?

The amount to be paid will be deducted from the balance of your voucher. No cash payment of the total amount or the remaining balance is possible. If the balance on the voucher card is not sufficient, the rest of the amount can be paid with another payment method.


For payment in our stores, present the gift card or the PDF file of the e-gift card at the checkout.


For payment in our online store, you will need the gift card code. You can find this code right next to the barcode on the gift card, or in the PDF document of the e-gift card.

How can I view the remaining balance on my voucher?

You can access your remaining credit directly in your account. To do this, log in with your customer account. Under "My account" and "Vouchers" you can enter the gift card code. This code is located directly next to the barcode.

Otherwise, our store employees as well as our customer service will be happy to give you information about your remaining balance. Here, you will also need the code of your gift card.



How do I reach customer service?

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday (with the exception of legal, Austrian holidays).

I have forgotten my password. How can I log in again?

You have forgotten your password? No problem! You can request a new password here:

After submitting your entered data you will receive the link for a new password by mail. Please note that this link is only valid for a certain period of time.

I don't want to receive the newsletter anymore, what do I have to do?

The newsletter can be canceled at any time by clicking on the corresponding link in the newsletter. You will always find this link at the end of the newsletter.

Where is NEW ONE jewelry available?

You can purchase NEW ONE jewelry exclusively through our online store as well as our physical stores. You can find said stores in Graz, Salzburg, Linz and Munich. For more information on things such as locations or opening hours, please click here.

How can I delete my account?

For this purpose, please send a short and informal request, from the e-mail address used in the customer account, to [email protected]. We will delete your data immediately.