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Because we care

You want your jewelry to last you for a long time? That’s what we want too!

GOOD TO KNOW – simple tips


Your jewelry is your constant companion? That’s how it’s meant to be! We at NEW ONE hardly ever take off our favorite pieces either. Instead, we prefer to always have them with us. Of course, your jewelry will be preserved if you decide to take it off during certain activities (sports, showering, sunbathing), but the decision here is entirely yours.

♡ FYI – Precious metals such as sterling silver and brass, but especially real gold, are very soft by nature. Pressure, tension or an external force could therefore have a negative impact on the piece of jewelry.


Our jewelry boxes are best suited to store your favorite pieces in them. Nevertheless, they should also be stored in a dry and protected place. This is why the bathroom is therefore not a suitable place, as the pieces can react to the moisture in the air.

Jewelry Care

Jewelry that is not being worn a lot can often turn dark or tarnish. Don’t worry, oxidation is a natural reaction of the components of precious metals. When this happens, you can easily treat your jewelry pieces with a silver or gold polishing cloth to make them shine beautifully again.

♡ Small tip: Silver cleaning cloths are suitable for jewelry made of sterling silver, stainless steel and brass, whereas gold cleaning cloths are suitable for pieces made of gold. You can find more information about the specific materials our jewelry is made of in our online store under the details section of each product.


Residues from everyday life can easily be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth. Even heavier dirt – such as deposits behind the gemstones – can be removed with the help of a mild soap bath and a soft toothbrush. To avoid oxidation, it is very important to pat dry the jewelry with a cloth after cleaning it.

♡ Small tip: If you are unsure about cleaning your jewelry at home or need help with more heavily used jewelry, we offer cleaning services in our stores. This service is done with the help of special silver baths (€ 10,-) and polishing cloths (€ 8,-).

Still unsure?

Not a problem at all, our store employees as well as our customer service ([email protected]) will gladly help you with any questions or concerns you may have!